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Scenario for warbands (can be used with LoME) - Sieze the Plunder

The following scenarios often refer to page numbers. These are the pages from any of the following rulebooks: Kingdoms of Men, the Free Peoples, Mordor, the Fallen Realms, and Moria & Angmar.
If not using the warbands rules, replace the word “warband” with model.

Sieze the Plunder

The Armies:
Each player chooses their force, as described on pages 4-9 to an equal point’s value agreed before the game.

Set up terrain as described on page 9. You will need 5 objective markers (25mm bases could be used) placed in the centre of the board (one in the direct centre, the other four in base contact with the original).

Starting positions:
Both players roll a D6 – the player with the highest score chooses one of the table edges. He then selects a warband in his force and rolls a D6.
On a score 3-6, the warband is placed within 12”/28cm of the table edge, within 6”/14cm of the hero leading it. On a score 1-2, the warband is not deployed at the start of the game, and will arrive later in the game (see below).

Initial Priority:
Both players roll a D6. The player with the highest result has priority in the first turn.

The game lasts until the end of a turn in which one force has been reduced to a quarter (25%) of its starting number of models, or below, at which point, the force that has scored the most Victory points wins the game. If both players have the same number of victory points, the game is a draw. Victory Points are scored in the following way:

-          You score 1 Victory Point if the enemy force is broken at the end of the games. If the enemy force is broken and your force is unbroken, you instead score 3 Victory Points.
-          You score 1 Victory Point for causing one or more Wounds on the enemy leader (Wounds prevented by a successful Fate roll do no count). If you kill the enemy leader, you instead score 3 Victory Points.
-          You score 2 Victory Points for each objective you carry off of your own table edge, 3 Victory Points for each objective you carry off of a side table edge, and 5 Victory Points for each objective you carry off of your opponent’s table edge. If you are holding an objective, but haven’t carried it off, you instead score 1 Victory Point.

Special Rules:
Reinforcements: At the end of your Move phase, roll a D6 for each of your warbands not on the battlefield and consult the chart below (the warband’s captain can use Might to alter the roll). Models can’t charge in the turn they arrive, but otherwise act normally. Roll for each warband separately, deploy the models in the warband, then roll for the next. Warbands yet to arrive count as being on the battlefield for the purposes of determining if your force is broken.
D6  Result
1-3 The Warband does not arrive, but receives +1 to this dice roll next turn.
4-6 The controlling player chooses a point on his board edge at least 6”/14cm from a corner – all models in the warband move onto the battlefield from this point.

Objectives: An objective can be carried off the board by any model, who must then roll on the table above to see if they re-enter the board, exactly as if they were a reinforcement (on the same board edge that they left). Models that leave the board edge in this way count as being on the board for the purposes of the force being broken, and must re-enter the board (they may not choose not to).
Objectives count as light objects with the following additional rules. They may not be passed to other models, and the model carrying it may not benefit from any equipment they are carrying. For instance, models carrying shields will not receive the defence bonus for it, models cannot use two handed weapons, bows (of any kind), throwing weapons or any other weapon until the turn after they have dropped the objective or re-enter the board. If engaged in combat, they immediately drop the objective, and count as armed with a hand weapon in the following fight (unless their profile specifically states they count as unarmed, in which case, they count as unarmed).

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