Monday, 16 January 2012

Dwarf Warriors, Balin and Gimli

Just finished these Dwarf Warriors, led by Balin and Gimli.

Here's a quick guide to how to paint them, after undercoating with Chaos Black:

Red cloth:
1) Basecoat with Dark Flesh.
2) Paint Scab Red over the top (leaving the Dark Flesh in the recesses).
3) Paint Red Gore over the Scab Red (leaving some of the Scab Red showing).

Purple cloaks:
1) Basecoat with Regal Blue.
2) Wash with Leviathan Purple.
3) Shade the recesses with Liche Purple.
4) Paint the raised areas with Regal Blue.

Grey Beards:
1) Basecoat with Shadow Grey.
2) Paint Codex Grey onto the raised areas.

Brown Beards:
1) Basecoat with Scorched Brown.
2) Paint Dark Flesh onto the raised areas.

White Beards:
1) Basecoat with Deheb Stone.
2) Paint Skull White onto the raised areas.

Blonde Beards:
1) Basecoat with Iyanden Darksun.
2) Paint Deheb Stone onto the raised areas.