Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dain Ironfoot, Dwarf Rangers, Captain and Banner Bearer

You may remember this blog post, from about a month ago (then again, you might not). Well I've painted up more Dwarves (click on the images to make them bigger):

Grey Cloaks:
1) Basecoat with a 1:1 mix of Chaos Black:Codex Grey
2) Apply a 2:3 mix of Chaos Black:Codex Grey over the top, leaving the basecoat in the recesses.
3) Layer a 1:2 mix of Chaos Black:Codex Grey over the top, leaving some of the previous mix showing.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Scenario for warbands (can be used with LoME) - Sieze the Plunder

The following scenarios often refer to page numbers. These are the pages from any of the following rulebooks: Kingdoms of Men, the Free Peoples, Mordor, the Fallen Realms, and Moria & Angmar.
If not using the warbands rules, replace the word “warband” with model.

Sieze the Plunder

The Armies:
Each player chooses their force, as described on pages 4-9 to an equal point’s value agreed before the game.

Set up terrain as described on page 9. You will need 5 objective markers (25mm bases could be used) placed in the centre of the board (one in the direct centre, the other four in base contact with the original).

Starting positions:
Both players roll a D6 – the player with the highest score chooses one of the table edges. He then selects a warband in his force and rolls a D6.
On a score 3-6, the warband is placed within 12”/28cm of the table edge, within 6”/14cm of the hero leading it. On a score 1-2, the warband is not deployed at the start of the game, and will arrive later in the game (see below).

Initial Priority:
Both players roll a D6. The player with the highest result has priority in the first turn.

The game lasts until the end of a turn in which one force has been reduced to a quarter (25%) of its starting number of models, or below, at which point, the force that has scored the most Victory points wins the game. If both players have the same number of victory points, the game is a draw. Victory Points are scored in the following way:

-          You score 1 Victory Point if the enemy force is broken at the end of the games. If the enemy force is broken and your force is unbroken, you instead score 3 Victory Points.
-          You score 1 Victory Point for causing one or more Wounds on the enemy leader (Wounds prevented by a successful Fate roll do no count). If you kill the enemy leader, you instead score 3 Victory Points.
-          You score 2 Victory Points for each objective you carry off of your own table edge, 3 Victory Points for each objective you carry off of a side table edge, and 5 Victory Points for each objective you carry off of your opponent’s table edge. If you are holding an objective, but haven’t carried it off, you instead score 1 Victory Point.

Special Rules:
Reinforcements: At the end of your Move phase, roll a D6 for each of your warbands not on the battlefield and consult the chart below (the warband’s captain can use Might to alter the roll). Models can’t charge in the turn they arrive, but otherwise act normally. Roll for each warband separately, deploy the models in the warband, then roll for the next. Warbands yet to arrive count as being on the battlefield for the purposes of determining if your force is broken.
D6  Result
1-3 The Warband does not arrive, but receives +1 to this dice roll next turn.
4-6 The controlling player chooses a point on his board edge at least 6”/14cm from a corner – all models in the warband move onto the battlefield from this point.

Objectives: An objective can be carried off the board by any model, who must then roll on the table above to see if they re-enter the board, exactly as if they were a reinforcement (on the same board edge that they left). Models that leave the board edge in this way count as being on the board for the purposes of the force being broken, and must re-enter the board (they may not choose not to).
Objectives count as light objects with the following additional rules. They may not be passed to other models, and the model carrying it may not benefit from any equipment they are carrying. For instance, models carrying shields will not receive the defence bonus for it, models cannot use two handed weapons, bows (of any kind), throwing weapons or any other weapon until the turn after they have dropped the objective or re-enter the board. If engaged in combat, they immediately drop the objective, and count as armed with a hand weapon in the following fight (unless their profile specifically states they count as unarmed, in which case, they count as unarmed).

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Beacons are Lit! - The Fiefdoms vs. Mordor

The sound of Orc Horns and War Drums pounded in the ears of the men of Gondor. Hirluin glanced at the Beacons before turning back to Duilin and Derufin. “Are you sure there is no other way?” he asked them. Duilin nodded, and Angbor, the grim leader of Lamedon spoke up. “Then we have no choice, we must fight our way through. For Gondor!” He leapt out of the tent, followed by Golasgil, Hirluin, Duilin and Derufin. “As Gondor’s peril worsens, so we must fight before Minas Tirith is even besieged.” Golasgil muttered to Hirluin. “Aye,” he replied. “But they will not defeat us. Not while we fight.”

Scenario – Reconnoitre, 600 Points:

This scenario pitches the armies of the Fiefdoms, who are marching to defend Minas Tirith, against an Orc ambush. This is my first game using the Warband system, and I haven’t bought the books yet, just using what I know. Images will come after the report.


Warband 1:
Hirluin the Fair (Leader)
12 Warriors of Pinnath Gelin/
Warband 2:
Angbor the Fearless
12 Clansmen of Lamedon
Warband 3:
Duilin and Derufin of Blackroot Vale
12 Blackroot Vale Archers
Warband 4:
Golasgil, Lord of Anfalas
6 Household Guard
Total – 46; Break Point – 23

Warband 1:
Shagrat (Leader)
6 Mordor Uruk-Hai with Shields
Mordor Troll
Warband 2:
6 Orc Warriors with Shields
6 Orc Warriors with Spears
Warband 3:
Orc Captain with Shield
6 Orc Warriors with Shields
6 Orc Warriors with Spears
Warband 4:
Morannon Orc Captain with Shield
6 Morannon Orcs with Shields
6 Morannon Orcs with Shields
Total – 47; Break Point – 24

The Orcs under Gorbag’s command scout the area where they place their ambush, confusion filling their ranks when the Gondorian Warriors are nowhere to be seen. Order was quickly restored when Clansmen, Archers and the Household Guard were spotted. In his bloodlust, Gorbag forced his soldiers forwards, followed by Shagrat’s Uruk-Hai and the Morannon Orcs. The Orcs continued to march forward, the last of the ranks joining the fray. The Warriors of the Fiefdoms continued their long journey, joined by Hirluin and his Warriors. A volley of arrows flew through the air, one thudding into an Orc’s shield.
The Household Guard marched towards the lumbering troll, whilst Angbor prepared his clansmen to fight Gorbag’s rabble. Two Uruk-Hai were shot in the eye by the Archers of Blackroot Vale, Golasgil yelling encouragement at his men as the threat was reduced. The Clansmen and Warriors of Pinnath Gelin formed a line, ready to receive Gorbag’s rabble, the Morannon Orcs running to help. Shagrat gave a mighty cry as Fate protected him from an arrow, but another thudded into his arm, wounding him. The Troll howled as an arrow sliced into its eye, as another Uruk-Hai fell.
The Household Guard retreated to the archers of the Blackroot Vale, as the Troll howled in pain agony, an arrow in its stomach. The Orcs crashed into the Warriors of Pinnath Gelin, as another two arrows hit Shagrat, stopped by his armour. The Orc assault lacked the energy it required, as 3 Orcs were bought down, one valiant Warrior slain in return.
The Orcs tried to keep what little momentum they had left, Hirluin and Gorbag giving mighty cries, but the Warriors of Pinnath Gelin charged into the Orcs. 3 Arrows from the Archers of Blackroot Vale found their targets, and three Orcs fell to the ground, lifeless. Four Orcs and three Uruks were slain, but four Warriors of Pinnath Gelin, three Archers of Blackroot Vale, two crushed under the Troll, and one Clansman of Lamedon would never reach Minas Tirith. The smell of blood was heavy in the air; sixteen Orcs lay dead, as did nine men of Gondor. Of the Uruk-Hai, only Shagrat remained.
The Men gained momentum as they crashed against the Orcs. Derufin and Hirluin gave Heroic cries, as the Orc Captain and Gorbag did the same. Men and Orcs leapt at each other. Gorbag stalked towards Angbor and his group of Clansmen, the Household Guard surrounding the Troll. The Morannon Orc Captain gave a mighty swing of his weapon, chopping through a Warrior of Pinnath Gelin before decapitating a Clansman. Derufin was beheaded. The Household Guard proved why they had been chosen, their blades biting deep into the Troll’s flesh, slaying it. Seven Men, including Derfuin had been slain, but seven Orcs and the Troll were lying in the mud, never to move again.
With revenge spurring them on Angbor yelled at Gorbag, his cry drowning out the Orc’s, as Golasgil also drowned out the Orc Captain. The Men smash into the Orcs, bloodlust consuming their thoughts, a single Clansman running to try and get reinforcements from Minas Tirith. Hirluin leapt at the Morannon Orc Captain. Gorbag wounded the Fearless Angbor, but Fate abandoned him, choosing to protect the Morannon Orc Captain instead. A single Morannon Orc had fallen, but four men had been slain.
The Orcs leapt into action, Duilin yelling over Shagrat, both giving orders. One of the Household Guard also began running to Minas Tirith, as two Orcs leapt pass the Men, ready to spring the trap. Fate protected Hirluin, as the swirling melee continued to leave fallen Warriors. Four Orcs and an Archer were slain.
Shagrat and Golasgil barked orders at their followers, as the Morannon Orc Captain did the same, but Golasgil kept the men under control. Nine Orcs fled as their leaders were assaulted from all angles. Angbor’s blade swept clean through Gorbag’s neck. Another Orc and Men fell, but it was enough, and the Orcs fled.

Victory Points:

- Broke enemy army, without being broken – 3 Points.
- Wounded enemy leader (once) – 1 Point.
- No escaped models – 0 Points.
- Didn’t break enemy army – 0 Points.
- Didn’t wound enemy leader – 0 Points.
- No escaped models – 0 Points.

Good: 4 – Evil: 0.

After Battle Thoughts:

Man (Men) of the Match has to go to the Archers of Blackroot Vale. They killed half of the Uruk-Hai before they could reach the lines, as well as wounding the Troll twice. They then killed plenty of Orcs in combat, wounding Shagrat twice as well! (Even though one was saved by Fate). The banner re-rolls proved invaluable, although not being outnumbered probably helped (hooray for Angbor killing Gorbag!)
Curse those arrows! Those cowardly humans use pesky bows to shoot at me instead of fighting with honour! (Not that Orcs have much honour). I just couldn’t break through the ranks of men, the Household Guard swept through the flank, whilst Archers killed the rabble in close combat! Archers!

The Clansmen finished burning the bodies of those dead, leaving the Orcs, as Duilin helped Derufin onto a horse. Derufin had not actually been behead, an Archer had leapt past him pushing him to the ground and knocking him unconscious. “I thought you were dead,” Duilin spoke softly. “Nay,” Derufin replied. “It is not my time to die yet, but I fear that I will not live to return home.” Angbor walked over to them, his face grim. “Against the armies that have gathered in the East victory is merely a break between battles. I will take my men to fight the Black Fleet. Death is close.” His speech was as grim as his face.

The Survivors:

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Fiefdoms Rules

Here are my rules for those Fiefdoms warriors that aren't made by Games Workshop:

Dervorin of Ringló Vale – 55 Points:
  F   S   D   A   W   C    M/W/F
4/-   4    6   2    2    4     3/1/1

Dervorin carries a shield, sword and wears armour.

Warrior of Ringló Vale – 6 Points:
  F   S   D   A   W   C
3/-   3    4   1    1    3

Warriors of Ringló Vale carry a sword or axe and wear armour. They may be given any of the following at an additional cost:
Shield – 1 Point
Spear – 1 Point
Bow – 1 Point
Banner – 25 Points

Duilin and Derufin of the Blackroot Vale – 50 Points for both:
  F      S   D   A   W   C    M/W/F
4/3+   4    5   1    1    3     1/1/1

Duilin and Derefin carry a bow, sword and wear armour.

Special Rules:
Go for the Eyes!

Golasgil, Lord of Anfalas – 75 Points:
     F      S   D   A   W   C    M/W/F
 4/3+   4    7   2    2    5     2/2/1

Golasgil carries a sword, shield and wears heavy armour.

Special Rules:
Inspiring Presence. All Hunters of Anfalas, Herdsmen of Anfalas and the Household Guard treat Golasgil as a banner.

Herdsman of Anfalas – 4 Points:
 F    S   D   A   W   C
2/-   3    3   1    1    2

Herdsmen of Anfalas carry a sword.

Hunter of Anfalas – 6 Points:
  F      S   D   A   W   C
2/3+   3    3   1    1    2

Hunters of Anfalas carry a Longbow, but are otherwise considered unarmed.

Household Guard – 9 Points:
 F    S   D   A   W   C
3/-   3    6   1    1    4

Household Guard carry a sword, shield and wear heavy armour. They may be given any of the following at an additional cost:
Banner – 25 Points.

Special Rules:
Bodyguard. Household Guard may only choose to bodyguard Golasgil, Lord of Anfalas.
Skilled Warriors. Household Guard may re-roll 1s when determining who wins the fight.

Fisherman of Ethir – 4 Points
  F      S   D   A   W   C
2/4+   2    3   1    1    3

Fishermen of Ethir carry a Fishing Spear (see below).

Special Rules:
Hunting Spear. This is a throwing weapon with a Range of 4”/10cm and Strength of 2.

Hirluin the Fair – 75 Points:
 F    S   D   A   W   C    M/W/F
5/-   4    6   2    2    4     2/1/2

Hirluin carries a sword, shield and wears armour.

Special Rules:
Inspiring Presence. All Warriors of Pinnath Gelin treat Hirluin as a banner. In addition, they increase their courage value by 1 when within 6”/14cm of him.

Warrior of Pinnath Gelin – 8 Points:
 F    S   D   A   W   C
3/-   4    5   1    1    3

Warriors of Pinnath Gelin carry a sword, shield and wear armour. They may be given any of the following at an additional cost:
Spear – 1 Point
Banner – 25 Points

Monday, 6 February 2012

High Elves

"The rider's cloak streamed behind him, and his hood was thrown back; his golden hair flowed shimmering in the wind of his speed. To Frodo it appeared that a white light was shining through the form and raiment of the rider, as if through a thin veil."

Blue Cloth:
1) Start with a Regal Blue base-coat
2) Layer on a mix of 4:1 Regal Blue:Enchanted Blue
3) Repeat Step 2, decreasing the amount of Regal Blue in the mix each time, 3:1, 2:1, until a 1:1 mix of Regal Blue:Enchanted Blue is reached.

Grey Cloth:
1) Start with a base-coat of Chaos Black
2) Paint Codex Grey over the cloth, leaving the black in the recesses.
3) Highlight the cloth with Fortress Grey.

Silver Armour:
1) Base-coat the armour with Chainmail Silver, leaving the Chaos Black in the recesses.
2) Highlight the armour with Mithril Silver.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Army of the Dead

"The Dead are following. I see shapes of Men and of horses, and pale banners like shreds of cloud, and spears like winter-thickets on a misty night. The Dead are following."