Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dain Ironfoot, Dwarf Rangers, Captain and Banner Bearer

You may remember this blog post, from about a month ago (then again, you might not). Well I've painted up more Dwarves (click on the images to make them bigger):

Grey Cloaks:
1) Basecoat with a 1:1 mix of Chaos Black:Codex Grey
2) Apply a 2:3 mix of Chaos Black:Codex Grey over the top, leaving the basecoat in the recesses.
3) Layer a 1:2 mix of Chaos Black:Codex Grey over the top, leaving some of the previous mix showing.


  1. Great colour choices - the red is an excellent contrast to the darker colours. Well done mate!

  2. Thanks DMS, I've really enjoyed painting the Dwarves, I'm using them for the TLA army challenge:

  3. Yeh I thought about joining in the army painting challenge tho I'm pushed for painting time at the moment, been following it tho, some cracking armies taking shape.

  4. Danadsfgh's army is incredible, about 100 Uruks (and Orcs) in the space of two months. I've joined a painting challenge for my 40K army to get them out of my backlog, started work on some Dwarven terrain (pictures soon) and started a new project :)

  5. U have some nice work here :) thanks for the link -->

    Thats for ur WOTR army?

  6. thanks, it's for my WotR/SBG, I personally prefer SBG, my favourite of the main gaming systems, followed by 40K, then WFB/WotR (two very similar games in my opinion).