Saturday, 15 December 2012

Battles in the Deeps; Part Thirteen - Wild Warg Pack

Some more beasts for my army; a Wild Warg Chieftain converted from a plastic Warg, and 12 Wild Wargs. To make the chieftain, I cut off the Wargs head and cut its body in half, repositioning it slightly so it looks like  Games Workshop's Wild Warg Chieftain (without the dead body on the base), and used Green Stuff for the rock and hiding the large gaps in its side. The Wild Wargs are just the standard Wargs with their body halves mixed and matched for as much variety as possible, with four different colours of Warg; dark brown, light brown, dark grey, and light grey. I plan on getting more Wargs, and adding more of each colour.


  1. Very nice, good to see you used greenstuff to hide the joins and put fur on their rumps.

  2. Thanks Scott :) I don't like the baldness of the Wargs, although I wish I had gone back and redone some of the fur I sculpted, some of it blends better than the rest.