Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Goblin King

I've had the Goblin King painted for a while, just never got round to posting him. I painted him to match the pale skinned Goblins, although I think at the time I got fed up with painting the skulls on the staff thing. I plan on adding some yellow grass to all of my Goblins and Dwarves at some point as well.


  1. That's some sweet painting! The skin's really painted well.

    1. Thanks Llama :D Can't wait to use him on the battlefield :)

    2. Yes, I imagine he'll be a handful!

      Why do you think he got the special rule "Magic Resistance", though? Fluff-wise I can't really see it, have I missed something?

      I haven't really kept up as much as I should have with the new SBG rules - so it might be that most characters perhaps have this special rule...

    3. I'm not really too sure, I can't see it either, they might just be given all Monsters in the Hobbit magic resistance though, just because magic really easily shut them down in the new rules, don't think many other of the new characters have it.

  2. Love the alternative skin colour! Lovely blending too.