Sunday, 24 March 2013

Goblins and Grinnah

The second batch of Goblins has been painted since the end of January, I just never got round to posting them. I opted for a darker skin tone with these Goblins, which leaves me with the Goblin Scribe left to paint and the Goblin King needs his base finished - and when they're done I'll post a group shot.


  1. Maybe I've already said this, but if so, once again: Nice goblins and an effective paint-scheme if you already have a lot of gobbos.

    I have trawled Viruk & Co's different works at Independent Painters and found some nice eye-candy there in regards to goblins. Not sure how I will do mine, I am leaning towards a mix of yours and Viruks.

    It wasn't as crystal clear easy to decide on these - normally I just go with the vanilla, but the white, half rotten look of the movies wasn't really appealing...

    1. Thanks Llama :) I know how you feel about the normal Goblins, they do seem rather unappealing to me too, I'm glad I could help you in some way though :)

  2. Cool,
    Nice skin tones, I hate the whiteness of the GW ones and these look great, easy to match in with existing my goblin stuff, an inspiration, perhaps I'll do this with some more extreme highlights (like VJ greengrey or something similar) thanks for posting