Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Férin and Fári - Dwarf Travellers

Férin and Fári are two brothers who travel with each other and a band of other Dwarves. Fári is often called the Burning Arrow, due to his red hair, his uncanny accuracy with a bow, and an unhealthy obsession with fire - an obsession which has grown so bad that his brother Férin no longer allows him to carry anything with which he could light a fire with. The older of the two, Férin, holds himself responsible for the safety of his brother and the other Dwarves travelling with them, often throwing himself into hopeless situations to keep his friends alive, and turning the odds in the Dwarves' favour, earning him the title of the Lucky Sword.

Here is the start of my second Dwarf army, Férin and Fári who will follow the rules for Murin and Drár, and may also feature in a Battle Company. First up are the finished pictures, followed by the WIP pictures (which also include a hornblower, who will be painted at a later date).