Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Battles in the Deep; Part Four - First Dwarf Mine Working

Here is my first piece of Moria terrain, inspired by Feanor's Dwarf Mines on TLA (and only my second terrain piece, the first being a small set of ruins). The main frame is made from spare pieces of sprue, glued together, with Green Stuff wrapped around the different pieces to look like rope. The wooden boards were made from pieces of card, strengthen with PVA glue, and the ladders were made from wooden skewers, cut down to the right size; the ladders and boards are detachable.
Everything was then painted with Rhinox Hide, and a wood grain pattern was painted on the ladders and main structure with Steel Legion Drab, with the wooden being washed with Steel Legion Drab instead. Six models can fit comfortably on the mine working, with two on the top layer, and four on the bottom; I hope to make many more of these.

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