Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Host of Erebor

So here is my Dwarf army, in all of it's glory (you can click the images to make them larger). There's about 1,400 points of painted Dwarves there, and does not include Durin or Mardin I have around 50 Dwarves still unpainted, which I think will bring the total around 2,000 points. Now to find a time to use them all...

If you want to see close ups of anything, either leave a comment or look through my blog (anything labelled Army Painting Challenge 2012 (1) or Dwarves).


  1. very impressive. I like the deep red scheme - it's a color not often seen on dwarves.

  2. thanks mate, it's one of the reasons I chose to go for red, I've used green, but didn't like it, and blue was used by everyone else, so I went for red