Saturday, 14 April 2012

600 Point (Almost Complete!)* Dwarf Army Pictures

"Horsemen, hmph! I wish I could muster a legion of Dwarves, fully armed and filthy."

Here's my 600 Point Dwarf Army**, led by Gimli, Balin and a Dwarf Captain:

Army List:
Warband 1:
Gimli, son of Glóin
6 Dwarf Warriors with Shields
5 Khazad Guard
1 Dwarf Warrior with Banner

Warband 2:
Balin, son of Fundin
6 Dwarf Warriors with Shields
6 Khazad Guard

Warband 3:
Flói (Dwarf Captain with Shield)***
12 Dwarf Warriors with Dwarf Bows

*Two Khazad Guard still need painting from Balin's Warband
**The pictures may be a little blurry as they were taken whilst I was standing up, and had nothing to lean/rest on. 
***I named my Dwarf Captain Floi before Games Workshop released the current Flói Stonehand, so I'm keeping the name.


  1. Awesome stuff, they really look great all together like that!

  2. Thanks simmuskhan :D I've really enjoyed painting them, and it's so rewarding to see them all together

  3. Neat Dwarf army...from one Dwarf player to another, are you liking that 25pt banner? :)

  4. Thanks Tiberius. I haven't really noticed much difference in my army build (other than replacing Murin and Drar with Gimli and Floi), but I do like the fact that banners are 5 points less :) I guess I'll like it more in larger battles. :)