Tuesday, 13 December 2011

First Post on Ye Olde Blogge

Hello all!

As you can probably see, this on the first post on the blog.

How I got into the hobby:
I first got into the hobby around 2002/2003 (I was 6 or 7), where I was in a book store and happened to see a few boxes of Lord of the Rings figures. At the time, I'd already tried to read the Lord of the Rings, and although I was unsuccessful, I had seen the first film and wanted to read the book again. So my parents bought me a box of Mordor Orc Warriors, a box of Warriors of Minas Tirith and some paints, and I already had a paint brush at home, so I was desperate to rush home and start painting, where I just put random colours on the Mordor Orcs, and a thick coat of silver on the Warriors of Minas Tirith, with some flesh and black cloth.
I decided they looked really "good" and so later that year I got a box of Fighting Uruk-Hai and Warriors of Rohan, which I painted to a better standard than the original Mordor Orcs and Warriors of Minas Tirith, as well as getting the original The Return of the King Rulebook, and then my hobby expanded (spiralled out of control) from there.

What about now?
Now I play all three main gaming systems from Games Workshops, after the decline in Lord of the Rings players in my local area. I still have my large collection of Lord of the Rings models, although I mainly focus on Warhammer 40,000 now, I do love playing Lord of the Rings, especially the Strategy Battle, and plan on trying to "convert" some of my fellow gamers to it. In the meantime, what's a good post without a couple of pictures?


   High Mage (Warhammer)                        Chariot of Khand (Lord of the Rings)           ,


  1. Hi my friend... Hilbert from One ring here watching you very nice blog... Keep up the brilliant ideas!!!

  2. Hey Hilbert, thanks, I think I'm following your blog now.